To Stay Productive While Twitter is Down…

An attempt at a humor post *fingers crossed*   There have been a few times since I have been working in social media that there has been a major outage in a social site. For me personally, Facebook outages are not a big issue – I carry on with my normal day and I “Keep Calm and Tweet On” if you will. When Twitter goes down on the other hand, things get a bit tougher for me. Here are a few suggestions I’ve found to help those of you, like me that may need some tips to get you through the afternoon:

  • Complain about the Twitter outage on Facebook – Everyone apparently knows about this one already
  • Blog – I’m starting a stockpile
  • Go out for lunch – You can always Instagram a picture of your meal!
  • Inbox Zero – This is only something you can attempt over a long Twitter outage. Do not attempt if it is only a temporary one.
  • Discover Google+ (Thanks Cedar!)

…By the buzzing of my phone, I see we all made it through this latest outage and all things are back to normal.

Carry on.

Some friends of mine also wrote on the outage. Check them out!

While Twitter Was Down, May It Be A Lesson Learned – Cedar Brown

The day Twitter was downJohnathan Brewer

*UPDATE* Today (7/26) Twitter went down again.  I noticed the ripple and flow of how people shared this fact.

It started with me kik-ing 3 friends asking if it was down for them or it was just me.

Almost at the same time, I received a text asking me the same question.

Then came a private message from yet another saying it was down for him.

Only after that did  I see the Facebook messages starting to grouse about things.

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