Thill Services

We can help make your campaign profitable

Thill Logistics understands that your business doesn’t stop once a customer purchases a product. The fulfillment, delivery and receipt of the goods as well as the customer service experience could be the most integral part of your success.

Thill Logistics has spent the past 55 years building its business around the specific needs of our clients and their customers. We excel at product fulfillment and retail distribution because we have extensive experience and provide our clients with customized services to fit their needs.

Put our technology & experience to work for you

  • Cutting-Edge Technology – Thill Logistics is the only direct response fulfillment company to provide our clients with real-time reporting and a project management software system. The reporting updates every five seconds! And that’s not all! You can access this information from any Internet connection, anywhere in the world
  • Diverse Distribution – Thill Logistics distributes product throughout all sales channels, including retail, e-commerce, catalogue, direct response television and home shopping
  • Flexible Fulfillment – Thill Logistics provides tailored fulfillment and customer service support to all of our clients, regardless of their business size
  • Dedicated Account Managers – Each of our clients are appointed a dedicated account manager to guide and assist them through each and every aspect of fulfillment from beginning to end
  • Wide Variance of Carriers – Thill Logistics ships directly to USPS destination facilities, including the BMC, SCF and DDU, which saves you time and money. We also use a wide range of carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL, Smart post, Corner Stone and Shipping Solutions
  • Accurate and Fast Shipping – Our efficient and dynamic methods of shipping ensures Thill Logistics consistently provides you with significant cost savings and added value. In addition, our average shipping time is only 2.82 days, which means you will have fewer order cancellations and make more money
  • Extensive Network of Distribution Centers – Thill Logistics have facilities in Wisconsin, Nevada and Georgia, allowing you to get your product to your customer faster and cheaper
  • No Set-Up Costs – Unlike many of our competitors, Thill Logistics doesn’t charge many of the usual fulfillment set-up costs. We value your business and we want to help you get your project up and running as quickly as possible
  • Experienced Customer Service Teams – Our customer service representatives have extensive training in dispute resolution and solution selling. We also make sure they are trained on all aspects of your product line, so they can talk to customers about your product with expertise.