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t’s time to learn a little more about the people here at Thill Logistics. The Friday 5 has now become, 5 Question Friday. The idea is based on the website Formspring and the classic Bernard Pivot questionnaire, just imagine that I am holding my blue index cards and asking the questions in a soothing James Liptonesque tone. The format is simple, five questions. The first 4 will stay constant, (3 work related questions and 1 from Pivot) but the 5thquestion… that is up to you! Please comment and send in questions here on the Thill Blog, or send them to me via Formspring to carrieatthill.

Here are my 5 questions for Paul Salzer

What is your role at Thill Logistics? I am a systems administrator.   My primary job is to locate and resolve operational issues whenever they occur.  I am required to I monitor our company’s systems for signs of trouble.  I then log those problems appropriately, analyze the issue with the tools available to me, and take whatever corrective action is needed.  I am also responsible for putting together strategies to prevent the further issue from occurring.

My role as an administrator also allows me to test new applications, as well as security settings on those applications.  I develop deploy scripts and other automation.  And I’m responsible for data extractions (which is a fancy way of saying I make reports).

How did you get into your field? It was by accident really.  I thought I was applying for Creative Services at the company I worked at last.  Prior to that, I was a trainer for Customer Service.  I didn’t know that they wanted someone for Information Technology instead.

But I’ve always been a computer geek though.  I thank my father for that.  Back in the 80’s, my dad bought a Commodore 64 to print labels.  He let me go on the computer when he wasn’t using it.  I taught myself how to program and everything from that.  And I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite thing about your field?It’s a challenging and constantly changing field.  You have to be a detective, a secretary, a diplomat, and a fix-it-man all in one. You never know what you are going to be doing either.  One morning you are doing one thing.  The next day, you are doing something entirely different.

(Bernard Pivot) What is your favorite word? “Please”

It’s a powerful word.  When you say, “Please”, people let you do things.

It’s a generous word. When you say, “Do as you please,” you let others do things.

It’s a happy word.  When you “please” someone, you make them happy.

Please is a pleasing word.

(Formspring) What is your favorite breakfast cereal? (or breakfast item) If you mean, what do I enjoy eating for breakfast? — That would be eggs cooked sunny-side up with homemade sausage or hamburger gravy, and crispy hash browns, served with potato pancakes and sour cream.

If you mean, what do I usually eat for breakfast? – A bottle of Mountain Dew and a small bag of Funyuns.

Oh…the differences are staggering.

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