Best of the Thill Blog: Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Since the Thill Blog was introduced both Carrie and Paul have used Science Fiction and other realms of “Geekdom” as inspiration for posts. Here is a compilation of the best – so far.


The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Jedi

Okay, I will admit it.  I’m a geek!  This doesn’t mean that I enjoy doing math problems in my bathtub at 8 o’clock at night on some boring Thursday.  But being a geek does mean that I can enjoy reading fantasy novels and the occasional sappy supernatural romance without worrying about being labeled with some less desirable moniker.  It also means that I can “geek it up” in the theater with my bag of Skittles, bucket-o-popcorn, and the 54-ounce mega-cup of Mountain Dew, watching the latest big budget superhero or sci-fi movie from time-to-time…..

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Head for the Hills or You Will Be Up to Your Armpits in Heros

Heroes, superheroes in particular, seem to be making a comeback in recent years.  Movies, television shows, and even musicals have exploded out from the pages of comic books worldwide.  Last night, I even happened across a new superhero show called The Cape on NBC.  The show intrigued me at first because of Orwell, played by Summer Glau (who incidentally had also voiced the character of a superhero in a recently released DC cartoon)…

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What I Have Learned About Business (and Life) from Doctor Who (Part 1)

First off, when Paul suggested we co-write a blog based on Doctor Who, I thought, ‘oh dear am I ready to admit this to the world?’  Well here we go. Yes, yes I am ready. I am a fan of Doctor Who. Ahhh, I feel my inner Nerdist is proud and free! I am a recent fan of the series starting with the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. The first episode I saw was ‘Blink’ and, while I may be behind a season or 3,  I have been hooked ever since. There is also an old fashioned phone booth in my back yard that I keep threatening to paint blue & try to fly. Now that you have my (brief) Whovian back story…

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What I Have Learned About Business (and Life) from Doctor Who (Part 2)

Doctor Who was one of my favorite science fiction shows growing up in Altus, Oklahoma.  Back then, most Americans were only able to see Doctor Who on PBS.  VHS tapes were not readily available, let alone DVD’s.  Cable users only got HBO as an option—BBC America and SyFy didn’t exist yet.  I was extremely upset when PBS stopped running the show for a time; even boycotted public broadcasting for 3 years as a result…

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How to Eat Brains and Influence People: How surviving zombies will help you survive business

Zombies have certainly become a popular subject in the last few years, taking its place among the great movie monsters of cinema history.  And with Halloween just looming on the near horizon, you can definitely expect to hear more about these ghoulish beasts.  Thezombie genre has changed slightly over the years, from its mysterious roots in voodoo lore, but the core of what a movie zombie remains the same.  Like a virus, a zombie is simply a relentless thing with the sole purpose of spreading itself.  In many ways, zombies are like the problems any business faces on a daily basis.  In small groups, these problems can be handled and dealt with.  If left alone, however, these problems tend to multiply and eventually overwhelm the business.  Fortunately, the rules for handling a movie zombie can help us deal with issues we face in our professional lives…

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The Truth is Out There Scully

In the series X-Files, we are introduced to Agents Scully and Mulder.  With each new episode, these two FBI agents uncover many strange events and learn more about a growing conspiracy to hide similar encounters from the public.  The show benefitted from the public’s mistrust of mega-institutions and the government at the time, even popularizing catchphrases like, “The Truth is out there” and “Trust no one”.    As our modern society becomes more and more connected to one another through social media networks, instant messaging, and even YouTube, however, we remain somewhat lackadaisical when it comes to securing information about ourselves from entities such as these…

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Night of the Living Bargains: How Zombie Horror reflects our Consumer Culture

Remember George A. Romero’s classic horror film “Night of the Living Dead”?  Prior to this film, zombies (like those in movies of the 1930’s) took a much different form than the zombie as we know of today.  These creatures were actually people under the influence of Haitian Voodoo.  They were slaves to their creator, who controlled their every action…

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That’s No Moon…That’s Paul’s Blog

When George Lucas released the first of his Star Wars series back in May of 1977, no one suspected the movie’s impact on popular culture.  But it was certainly a day long remembered.  Even after countless novels, tons of action figures, and several video games, theStar Wars universe continues to expand, and with it, the excited imaginations of its followers…

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What I learned about Social Media From Star Wars

With the recent celebration of  Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you all) Paul and I decided it was time for another post pairing. (Funny how we choose to do that with the science fiction themes…) While Paul is taking the “Dark Side” on the subject (why wouldn’t he – they have cookies), I am posting from the view of the “rebel scum”…

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