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It’s time to learn a little more about the people here at Thill Logistics. The idea is based on the website Formspring and the classic Bernard Pivot questionnaire, just imagine that I am holding my blue index cards and asking the questions in a soothing James Liptonesque tone. The format is simple, five questions. The first 4 will stay constant, (3 work related questions and 1 from Pivot) but the 5thquestion… that is up to you! Please comment and send in questions here on the Thill Blog, or send them to me via Formspring to carrieatthill.

Here are my five questions for Brian McGarry

What is your role at Thill Logistics? I am the Director of Business Development for Thill Logistics.  Over the last couple of years Thill has invested significant time and money resources into the systems that run our clients businesses.  That investment has resulted in capabilities that extend into many different markets including ecommerce, Direct Response, Catalog and Multi-Level Marketing.  In my previous role as VP of Business Development at TransFirst we were deeply ingrained in all these markets so it is a natural fit.  The goal of my job is to lessen the workload of our customers while giving them greater visibility into their business.

How did you get into your field? I think there are two major factors that affected my decision to get into sales.  Before I graduated from High School I had the opportunity to live in five different cities.  I was able to meet new and exciting people every time our family moved to a new city.  I quickly learned how to adapt and interact with new people and decided that is what I really enjoyed.  The second factor happened after college.  I graduated from Creighton University with a BA in Journalism/Advertising.  When I applied for my first job as a reporter for a local newspaper, I was also interviewed by the General Manager.  After talking with him about the opportunity to run a sales staff of about 130 people, I decided that my true calling was working with people.  Since that first job as a sales manager, I have been lucky enough to carry that skill set between a handful of different industries and met some great people along the way.

What is your favorite thing about your field? My favorite aspect of sales in getting to hear everybody’s story.  Each company and individual that I work with has a different story to tell about their life and how they got to where they are.  I love hearing the stories and trying to figure out the best way to become a part of that story.

(Bernard Pivot) What is your favorite word? For years I was a big fan of entrepreneurial but now I am leaning towards prodigious

(Formspring ) What do you enjoy in your spare time? Since my three kids all under the age of seven don’t keep me busy…  🙂 I try to occupy all that spare time with running and cycling.  I was recently turned onto a new sport called Cyclocross.  It is a combination of running and riding your bicycle and a great reason for a grown man to play in the mud.


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