Quick Tips for a Great E-Commerce Site

Ecommerce Be a consumer_Thill Logisitcs_QuickTipWhen setting up a new shopping cart (or rebuilding a new one) don’t forget about these important items:

Be a consumer and think like a customer -Consider the customer’s entire journey through the checkout process, be sure every step is clear and easy to use.

A quality image is worth a thousand words – Having great images displaying products or showing processes will help the customer with the purchase.

Make purchasing & checkout quick & easy – Don’t complicate this most important step. Give them a secure and simple space to complete the order,

Clearly display your selling and shipping prices – If a customer can not see the price of an item, they won’t choose to purchase it. High shipping costs are a big reason for abandoned carts. Make sure these prices are easy for a customer to locate.

Test, test, test – Before launching your new cart, be sure to test every step and across multiple browsers. If you have a mobile cart – be sure to test on different operating systems to avoid losing customers.

As a user – what do you feel is the most important part of the check out experience?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate and Statistics

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