Teamwork – Lessons learned at Lambeau

People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.  – Vince Lombardi

The word “Teamwork” comes up most often, I think, when talking about sports. When theGreen Bay Packers lost players due to injuries in Superbowl 45, the team and its fans alike knew that the men walking on to the field wearing Green and Gold would work hard to achieve success for the team.

Is Your Business a Team?

Cultivating an environment where employees feel like they are all on the same team is important to any business. A place where people can know that they can go to their team members (coworkers) to bounce ideas off, of or ask questions.  Are your employees tucked away in cubicles? Is there an atmosphere where group brainstorming is encouraged?

Competition is Good.

In preparation for the Superbowl, Thill Logistics had a “Packer Pride” contest for its employees. The goal was to have as many employees decked out in Green Bay apparel. There were two levels of competition involved, there was the Ultimate Packer Fan competition, but each department would receive a reward if there was 100% departmental participation.  Setting a goal like this lead each department to work as a team to make sure everyone came out in their Green & Gold best, and multiple departments had 100% participation.

The Team is Everyone

I had the privilege yesterday to be a part of the crowd at Lambeau Field for the Return to Titletown festivities. Every player & coach who spoke talked about teamwork. The fans were reminded that we are also part of the team. When you view your organization remember that every person, from the executives to the unpaid intern that shows up once a week, is a part of your team.

Whether you have a yearly team building event, a monthly pizza party, or weekly brainstorming meetings, creating an atmosphere where people know they are part of a team is an important part of success. And who knows? Maybe the next big victory people will be celebrating will be yours!

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