Social Swimming – Don’t Think Synchronized Sharing







If we look at social media like it was the Olympics – what event would best describe your methods of social sharing?

The way content gets shared across social media channels should be considered just as important to your strategy as the content itself.  Each channel is going to have a different set of standards on how its users prefer to take in information. Those differences run from character count to how many posts a day is ‘too many’ to whether or not the using of hashtags is acceptable.

What I like to call “Synchronized Sharing” is the easiest way of getting your message out across multiple channels at once. With social media dashboards (like Hootsuite) and direct connect between sites like Facebook and Twitter, the one click method of multi channel posting sounds ‘easy peasy’. While it may be indeed be easy, it is not something that is is necessarily ‘right’ .

How often do you see this in your Facebook feed?





Or this on Twitter?



Your content should absolutely be shared across all the channels you actively participate in. The time it takes to title and format your post is nominal and it helps keep a professional and knowledgeable appearance.

Save the synchronization for the ladies in the pool.




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