I Triple Dog Dare You!

What do you do when you are out of ideas? Do you have something in mind that you think might be a plan but are not quite sure how to make it work?

Accept the dare.

The boys in A Christmas Story use the dare regarding the debate over frozen lampposts and tongues as a challenge, an opportunity to prove each other wrong and come out as the winner, but I think a dare can be amazingly helpful. When ever I am stuck for an idea – I ask people to challenge me.

In the spirit of B.A.C.O.N., I asked my co-blogger Paul to assign me a list of blog titles that I would write. Having it sent to me as specific titles instead of generic topic ideas forced me to use ideas I probably would not have come up with myself. The first one I chose to do Has social media changed language and how we communicate? led to a rather heated discussion over on Google+.

I feel the act of accepting a dare of creativity makes for a more adventurous style of writing and helps keep it fresh and exciting for me a blogger. Another time Paul and I dared each other on the Thill Blog, was when we both wrote a post on the same subject. “What I Have Learned About Business (and Life) from Doctor Who” Here are the links to compare mine and Paul’s.

Now – my dare to you.

One post a month will be dedicated to a reader submitted title. You can submit one for either me or Paul, the subject should be business, tech or social media related.

Start sending in your post ideas now for 2012 – I Triple Dog Dare You!

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