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I recently read a post by Jonathan C. Brewer (@houseofbrew) called The #custserv mumble heard around the world. In it, Jonathan talks about a scenario where he posted a public complaint tweet, something he normally does not do. This tweet was then retweeted multiple times, but he never heard back from the company he was speaking about.

I had an experience recently that was both the same and different. I entered a Twitter promotion with @blippy ( for a free pair of nail clippers. Why did I enter this contest for a free pair of nail clippers? Because it was off beat, fun, & involved “free stuff” my three favorite things. I received my clippers in the mail on Wednesday along with a mini beach ball & a sticker, and a bill for $0.34 postage due. Finding this more comical than anything I posted the following Tweet:

carriejdesigns Carrie Keenan

just got my free nail clippers. Thanks @blippy ! but you owe me $0.34 for postage due LOL!

The next day, I had the following email from Blippy:

Hi Carrie,

My deepest apologies on the insufficient postage! I was using the Post Office Automated mailer and it had quoted the incorrect amount.

Can I Paypal you the difference and/or mail you some additional stickers?

Sorry again for the trouble.



I replied that I honestly did not care about the $0.34, but I was very appreciative that someone at the company took the time to respond to something seemingly so minor.  That one email took me from a person who had never heard of the company before this promotion to someone who will use it.

Hopefully – the people at Jonathan’s oil change place will take notes from Blippy!

It is vital for businesses of all sizes to monitor social media not just to watch for squeaky wheels, but be ready and willing to help those people who need it. Customer service is now a 24/7 business and companies need to pay attention.  The quote goes “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” and you can’t get much truer then that!

To all the unsung customer service people out there watching & waiting to “make things work”, I tip my hat.

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5 Responses to Customer “Twervice”

  1. Carrie,
    What a great story about properly listening to the social chatter and responding. Thank you for sharing it with us. A great lesson here is that even just an acknowledgement of the problem went a long way with you. Customer service isn’t always about making things right to the nth degree. It starts with listening and making an acceptable response.

  2. Jonathan,
    The experience put even more confirmation into how I feel that even the smallest effort is appreciated!
    Thank you for your comment & for sharing your experience on the subject as well.

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