Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine

Little Ralphie Parker, locked in the bathroom and deflecting the shouts from his mother and brother, sat excitedly decoding his very first message from Little Orphan Annie. He knew that what she had to say to him was something really important! The tension was mounting; this was his first message as a part of the secret circle, who knew the importance of this message? The fate of the planet could have been in the balance!


“A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!” was his reply. You don’t want your fans, friends, followers, readers, etc. to have this same reaction. When writing for a business, it is a fine line between informing people about your company and what it does and sounding like a commercial in everything you do. Here on the Thill Blog, Paul and I like to write about subjects that we think you want to read. (How do we know what people want to read about?) When something cool happens here or at one of the other offices, we like to share that as well. When it comes to the Facebook and Twitter feeds, the same thing applies; I carry on conversations, share other great information and every so often, toss in a bit or two about Thill.

With great social media comes great responsibility. Ok, yes, there I go mixing up my movies again, but you get the point. The content in a social media plan should be engaging, educational and entertaining. Keeping your community spaces full of great information and conversation (and you can’t go wrong with  some alliteration) will keep people  interested  and communicating with your business. When you don’t abuse the channels, people will not object to some advertising in the streams especially if it is something beneficial to them.

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About The Author: Carrie Keenan is the Social Media Community Manager for Thill Logistics, Inc. out of Neenah, WI. (@CarrieJKeenan. @ThillLogistics) As a professional whose primary responsibility is working in digital media and audience building, Carrie has a lot of insight and information to share about how to professionally represent your organization across the web. Connect with Carrie via: Email | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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