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On-Page SEO (Part 3): Internal Link Building

Ever read content on a web page that has links within the text? Ever get annoyed or think they are spam or something else? Well, those links are typically needed and are being put to good use to help the … Continue reading

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On-Page SEO (Part 2): Keyword Optimization

As I mentioned in my previous post, On-Page SEO (Part 1) Keyword Research and Selection, I talked about the process of conducting your keyword research and selection. In this post I will describe the different areas of a page that … Continue reading

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On-Page SEO (Part 1): Keyword Research and Selection

There are a number of factors search engines consider when determining how to rank websites on their SERP’s. One thing you have control of is how to optimize your pages for search engines. In this first article of a larger … Continue reading

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PPC Benefits For Using Product Listing Ads

As most people already know, back in May of this year (2012), Google announced that they were replacing their Google Product Search with Google Shopping. This meant that product feeds through Google were no longer free, but an added paid … Continue reading

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Social Swimming – Don’t Think Synchronized Sharing

            If we look at social media like it was the Olympics – what event would best describe your methods of social sharing? The way content gets shared across social media channels should be considered … Continue reading

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