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I Want You To Write… a Theme (Well, a Blog Post)

With Thanksgiving in the rearview and December looming before the week is out, it is time to start thinking of my favorite time of the year.  Three things start to flood my mind before the turkey is even off the … Continue reading

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The Quick or the Dead?

What are your expectations when it comes to response time? Do you expect an immediate call back from a voicemail  left after “office hours”? How long after contacting someone via email? Exchanging business cards? A fax? A letter? Now what … Continue reading

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The Truth is Out There Scully

In the series X-Files, we are introduced to Agents Scully and Mulder.  With each new episode, these two FBI agents uncover many strange events and learn more about a growing conspiracy to hide similar encounters from the public.  The show … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Our Star Performers!

Meet Noe Garcia and David Coats, our Star Performers of the customer service team!  The Star Performers are picked based on the following areas: •          Acceptance to Change •          Adherence to Policies … Continue reading

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